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Social Manna is all about great coffee & food, served with honesty and integrity.

Social Manna is a space that serves great coffee, food and beverages. Being type cast in to a “Cafe” or “Restaurant” category feel limited by what we can do and create. Eliminating the barriers means we can have some fun and be flexible with the Manna we create for you.

As a team, we love to learn and grow. Honesty and integrity in the service we provide and the food we create, enriches our service to you, our own working lives and the betterment of Social Manna as an establishment.

Supporting Social Manna means you’re supporting the teachings of my staff in their growth and expansion. You’re supporting me personally towards greater knowledge, awareness and wisdom as a chef, manager and small business owner.

Lastly, you’re supporting our intricately webbed supply chain that will provide you with your Social Manna – the sudden and unexpected source of gratification, pleasure, or gain. Be it through food, interaction with our team, or the gain and insight received through conversation in that moment of your day with the person you’re with.

Social Manna Social Manna

Find us:

253 – 255 Albany Highway,
Victoria Park, WA 6100

Opening hours:

Mon to Sun – 6:30am until 3pm
Kitchen closes at 2pm
Coffee machine closes at 2:30pm

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Get in touch:

+61 491 260 941

Supporting us is supporting L.O.C.A.L.
Love Of Coffee And Locavore




Phone: 0491 260 941

Address: 253– 255 Albany Highway,
Victoria Park, WA 6100

253– 255 Albany Highway, VIctoria Park